ULTRASPEC wiring diagrams

22 October 2015

Following Dave Atkinson's second visit to Thailand in October 2015, when we installed new clock and bias cables between the SDSU and cryostat to help reduce the readout noise, he sent me a complete new set of drawings (see below). There are now 4 different types of clock and bias cables - Derek's originals (Types 1 and 2) and Dave's new ones (Types 3 and 4). Derek's uses co-ax cables, whereas Dave's uses twisted pairs. There are also some other slight differences between Derek's and Dave's cables in terms of shielding - see the drawings below for further details, or my ULTRASPEC notebook entries in October 2015 for a description. Note that the cables that we are currently using in ULTRASPEC are the Type 3's, which have been in use since 2015 October 12. Before that (since 2013 September 15), we were using the Type 2's. Dave also changed the grounding scheme in October 2015 from the original setup he defined in September 2013 - both versions of the diagram are given below.

  1. 00_System Block Diagram.pdf
  2. 01_Grounding Diagram.pdf - IN USE SINCE 2015 OCT 12
  3. 01_Grounding Diagram_OLD.pdf - IN USE BEFORE 2015 OCT 12
  4. 02_Clock Wiring Cryostat.pdf
  5. 03_Bias Wiring Cryostat.pdf
  6. 04_Temperature Wiring Cryostat.pdf
  7. 05_Type 1 Clock Wiring External.pdf
  8. 05_Type 2 Clock Wiring External.pdf - IN USE BEFORE 2015 OCT 12
  9. 05_Type 3 Clock Wiring External.pdf - IN USE SINCE 2015 OCT 12
  10. 05_Type 4 Clock Wiring External.pdf
  11. 06_Type 1 Bias Cable External.pdf
  12. 06_Type 2 Bias Cable External.pdf - IN USE BEFORE 2015 OCT 12
  13. 06_Type 3 Bias Cable External.pdf - IN USE SINCE 2015 OCT 12
  14. 06_Type 4 Bias Cable External.pdf
  15. 07_Temperature Wiring External.pdf
  16. 08_ARC Controller Wiring.pdf

For comparison, here is the old set of wiring diagrams from Derek, most of which have errors in them: