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There are quite a few "Astronomical Techniques" courses with on-line resources. Here is a selection:

_ASTR 511: Astronomical Techniques A graduate introductory course at the University of Virginia, by Robert W. O'Connell.
_Astronomical Techniques An first-year undergraduate course at the University of Bristol, by Ben Maughan.
_Bill Keel's Lecture Notes: Astronomical Techniques Notes for a senior/graduate student course at the University of Alabama, by Bill Keel.
_ASTR 306/406: Astronomical Techniques A final-year/graduate course at Case Western Reserve University, by Chris Mihos.
_big eyes A league table of the world's largest optical telescopes, both built and on the drawing board, with useful links to each observatory's web site.
_astronomy simulations and animations A really useful selection of Flash animations and simulations for astronomy education, provided by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I'd strongly recommend you play around with these to get an intuitive feeling for some of the concepts involved in this course.
_QuCAM Simon Tulloch's web site - a fantastic resource for all things CCD.

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