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This course aims to provide an understanding of the tools and techniques used by astronomers to study the Universe, with an emphasis on ground-based optical observations. Topics covered include: astronomical telescopes, astronomical instruments and electronic detectors. It builds on Introduction to Astrophysics (PHY104) and the topics covered in the first-year astronomy lab (PHY115 & PHY116: Professional Skills in Physics and Astronomy I & II). The module is designed to prepare students choosing to do observing projects in their third year (PHY319: Astronomy Project, including the La Palma field trip), fourth year (PHY480: Research Project in Astronomy), and those intending to spend a year abroad on La Palma (PHY473: Working at the ING; PHY474: Extended Research Project in Astronomy). As part of this module, all students must do an observing project using the University's 16-inch telescope. On successful completion of this course you should be able to:

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