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_general astronomical links A list of general astronomical links supplied by the Astronomy Group in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Sheffield.
_astronomy software Links to astronomical software (much of it free) on the web. Includes H-R Calc, a Windows program which allows you to interact with the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.
_introduction to stellar physics Chris Flynn's (Tuorla Observatory) on-line course on stars. The sections on stellar models are particularly worth reading.
_stellar structure and evolution Steve Smartt's (QUB) on-line course. The first half of the course (on stellar structure and interiors) is based on my course. The second half is an excellent overview of stellar evolution.
_stars, galaxies and cosmology An introductory-level, on-line course from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Tennessee. You will find sections 4 to 20 of particular relevance to PHY213.
_astronomy notes A very comprehensive set of non-mathematical, on-line astronomical notes with some excellent graphics. Written by Nick Strobel of Bakersfield College, California. You will find the notes on Stellar Properties, The Sun and Stellar Structure and Lives and Deaths of Stars of particular relevance to PHY213.
_stellar evolution tutorial An excellent collection of movies (and accompanying text) by John Lattanzio (Monash University) showing the evolution of stars from the main-sequence to the AGB.
_java stellar evolution simulator A stellar evolution simulator written by Terry Herter (Cornell) in JAVA (hence it will work in a web browser) which animates the motion of a star of any mass on the HR diagram as it ages.
_another java stellar evolution simulator Another JAVA HR diagram simulator, this time written by Rob Scharein (UBC, Canada).
_sclock A much more powerful stellar evolution simulator which can be downloaded for free and run on a PC. Animates the motion of a star of any mass and any chemical composition on the HR diagram as it ages.
_astro 534 Post-graduate level on-line course on Stellar Structure and Evolution by Robin Ciardullo at Penn State University. Covers similar material to PHY213 but in greater depth.
_hertzsprung-russell diagram lab A resource by the excellent Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project, which lets you interactively explore the H-R diagram.

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