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The recommended text book for this course is Astronomy: Principles and Practice by A. E. Roy and D. Clarke (Institute of Physics Publishing, ISBN: 0750309172). This book is currently in its fourth edition and you should be able to find a new paperback copy for around 32 pounds. You will also find this book useful for some of your other courses, so it is recommended that you purchase your own copy (although the main library does have a few copies and there is also a copy in the Astronomy Lab). The Celestial Sphere part of the PHY105 half-module follows the material in Part 2 of Roy and Clarke fairly closely, and the Telescopes part of PHY105 follows Part 3. You should note, however, that there is some material in this lecture course which you will not find in Roy and Clarke.

For a good non-mathematical introduction to the subject, I would also recommend The Ever-Changing Sky by James Kaler (Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 0521499186), which is currently in its first edition and available in paperback for around 30 pounds.

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