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Observing the night sky (PHY105) is a compulsory first-semester course for first-year undergraduates doing dual-honours Astronomy with Physics or Mathematics. It is also an optional course for undergraduates with A-level (or equivalent) Physics and Maths.

PHY105 is a half-module, worth 10 credits, and is taught by Professor Vik Dhillon. The course is in two parts. The first part, composed of 14 lectures, is on the Celestial Sphere. The second part, composed of 6 lectures, is on Telescopes.

All of the lecture notes, problem sheets, problem solutions and past exam papers for this part of the PHY105 half-module can be found on the web at:
I will also be handing out a CD-ROM at the beginning of the course which contains a complete set of the lecture notes.

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