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This will be sometime in weeks 13-15, exact date, time and place to be announced, and will be of 2 hours duration. Questions on the Celestial Sphere part of PHY105 will be given in Section A of the exam paper and are worth two-thirds of the total marks available in the PHY105 examination. You must answer any 2 questions from a choice of 4 in Section A and hence you should aim to spend approximately 80 minutes on this part of the paper. Questions on the Telescopes part of PHY105 will be given in Section B and you must answer 1 question from a choice of 2, aiming to spend approximately 40 minutes on this part. Past exam papers can be found on the web at

lab work
This is made up of various components - for further details please consult the first-year astronomy guide.

problem sheets
There are eight assessed problem sheets for this course, totalling 10% of the total marks available for the PHY105 half-module. These problem sheets will be handed out to you during the problems class each week. You will be expected to complete as homework any problems that you don't manage to finish during the class, and hand your solutions in to your problems class leader the following week. The class leader will mark them and then go through the solutions with you a week later.

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