picture archive

On this web page you should be able to find just about every photograph and image relating to the ULTRACAM project (pre-2005) that we have; photos of ULTRACAM commissioning on the VLT will be uploaded shortly. If you can't find what you are after here, try looking at some of the on-line ULTRACAM posters, papers and talks. The images are presented in no particular order, and are grouped together under the name of the person who obtained them and/or the purpose for which they were taken. If you require captions or additional information about any of these images, please contact Vik Dhillon or Tom Marsh.

commissioning on the WHT (Mark Stevenson, May 2002)

design drawings (Mark Stevenson)

alignment in edinburgh (Mark Stevenson, April 2002)

commissioning on la palma (Paul Kerry, May 2002)

rack+ccd views (Vik Dhillon/Mark Stevenson, April 2002)

construction in the sheffield workshop (Richard Nicholson, March 2002)

ultracam model (Richard Nicholson, Autumn 2001)

commissioning on la palma (Tom Marsh, May 2002)

Aristarchos (Emilios Harlaftis, Oct 2002)

first light in the lab (Dave Atkinson, March 2001/March 2002)

commissioning on the WHT (Sue Worswick/Joanna Holt, May 2002)

Stuart Littlefair's first ULTRACAM run (May 2004)

More photos by Tom (May 2004)