Vik Dhillon, Mark Stevenson
University of Sheffield

Tom Marsh
University of Southampton

Derek Ives, Tully Peacocke, David Atkinson
Chris Tierney, Andy Vick

ULTRACAM is an ultra-fast, triple-beam CCD camera, designed to study one of the few remaining unexplored regions of observational parameter space - high temporal resolution. Recently funded in full (£300 k) by PPARC, it will see first light in Autumn 2001 and will be used on 2-m, 4-m and 8-m class telescopes in Australia, Chile, Greece, La Palma and South Africa to study astrophysics on the fastest timescales.                  
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talk given at the ING sea-level office on 15/01/2001

...and then we went to Nogales!